Revolutionary cleaning and sanitizing chemistry to tackle YOUR TOUGHEST CHALLENGES.

When it comes to setting your cleaning standards, Star Bio Solutions will help you raise the bar. We strive to not only develop a chemical program that works for you, but also to follow through with superior service. Our market specialists will design state-of-the-art, cost-effective programs to exceed your cleaning and sanitizing requirements, while minimizing your costs.

We are committed to building mutually-rewarding, long term business partnerships with our customers.

We take great pride in bringing our customers the "Best of the Best" – including an advanced antimicrobial coating that provides protection on all treated surfaces for up to a years’ time.

Providing services for:

> Produce & Food Processing


> Restaurants & Retail


> Sports Facilities


> Government Buildings

> Automotive Plants

> Offices & Homes

> and More!

Tomorrow’s Antimicrobial Solutions Today

MicroShield 360 is an innovative coating system that imparts durable biostatic activity to the surface of a wide variety of substrates. The multi-step system is non-toxic, EPA registered and FDA approved for over 1,500 surfaces including direct food contact surfaces.

Step 1 – MicroShield 360 Renew for an immediate kill

Our specially-formulated disinfectant is applied to all surfaces in preparation for our antimicrobial coating. MS 360 Renew which kills Human Coronavirus and is on the EPA approved N List for Emerging Pathogens.

Step 2 – MicroShield 360 Antimicrobial for preventative protection

Our proprietary coating formula imparts a final biostatic finish to treated surfaces, thereby not allowing bacteria to live on the surface moving forward.

Both solutions are applied electrostatically to reduce waste, improve coverage, and minimize human error. This long-lasting treatment provides continual protection between your traditional cleanings, which generally last only seconds.


Highlights of Our Technology:

•  Clear, colorless , and odorless

•  100% preventative, not reactionary

•  Non-leaching technology

•  Mechanical kill, not cidal

•  Doesn't allow for resistances

•  Creates a permanent coating

•  Works every second of every day